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“Cerevisia malorum divine medicine” – Paracelsus, sixteenth century The beer divine remedy against all evils. Cerevisia, this old word, from the Latin language, finds its meaning simply the word “beer” AND ‘party last year recording an instant success with the public and returns this year: cerevisia 2015, second edition of the festival craft beers of the Trentino Alto Adige. Three days of history, tastings, panel discussions, craft beers, workshops, unique aromas and flavors, passion, music and craftsmanship!


We all shared, has a long history (over nine thousand years) and accompanied entire peoples: from early Mesopotamian civilizations, the Egyptian dynasties, the barbarian peoples of northern Europe up to us. Until the last century it was fairly common practice produced beer in the house, for the family and for the country life. At the same time, significant, however, was the existence of small breweries, where the brewmaster covered the role of producer, which is to host. The phenomenon of craft beer in Italy is reborn almost by accident twenty years ago, and developed simultaneously in several parts of the country, he has seen the emergence of some pioneers who started producing beer. A different beer, a completely new product compared to the beer industry that we used to know and to drink daily. These brewers wanted to rediscover the traditional production methods, care and choice in the raw materials, the attention in the production process and have decided to be patient, to let the beer time to its maturity to bring out the best characteristics of barley malts and hops.


Beer of course will be the undisputed star of this year also with the already confirmed the presence of 13 craft breweries with the addition of the restaurant-pub “The angle of 33” which will offer a selection of beers from abroad. In addition to craft breweries in Trentino will be present brewers from outside the Province; after twinning with Lombardy last year, 2015 should be the time of the Friuli Venezia Giulia. More than a trade show, cerevisia will be a meeting point between users and producers by creating exhibition spaces where the public can taste the different craft beers and learn the techniques of production directly from brewers. One of the most interesting of cerevisia 2015 is finally the birth of a real contest between the last beer brewers at the festival. If last year in fact, the most popular beer of Cervisia had been elected by popular demand, this year the jury will be joined by a more prepared and careful technical jury chaired by Renato Nesi, journalist and author of the guide “The Way of Beer “.


Friday night 20 pm dinner pairing between beer and food, cooking with beer. In collaboration with Chefs Association Trentini and Slow Food. Reservation via website www.cerevisiafestival.com. From late afternoon until 01.00 stand breweries Trentino open evening with live music. Saturday night stand breweries Trentino open evening with music. Thematic menus for lunch and dinner. Throughout the day tasting tours of the beers from Trentino. Sunday stand breweries Trentino open evening with music. Laboratories brewing homemade by Bad Brewing group homebrewer Rome. Throughout the day tasting tours to the Trentino beers and tasting combination of excellent craft beers and Trentino Trentino by Slow Food and Road Apples and Flavours of the Non Valley and the Sun and the Cheese Route. Competition awards the best beer thirty and best brewery by the jury.

For more info: cerevisiafestival.com
Association Pro Loco Fondo (TN) | Phone: 0463 880088 | E-mail proloco@fondo.it


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