Porto Cervo Food Festival: the artisans of taste

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It’s called Food Festival the showcase for Sardinian products that aim to impose on local and international markets. The review of the food that will be held this weekend in Porto Cervo crosses the finish line of the seventh edition and proposes once again respectable numbers: 34 producers, of which at least 20 from the Island. There is talk of excellence sardines that link to international markets starting from the call event of excellence organized by Starwood, which operates hotels in Costa Smeralda owned Qatar. The Porto Cervo Food Festival is the biggest event in agribusiness in Sardinia. For three days, enthusiasts and industry professionals have the opportunity to know a select number of Sardinian companies and national and taste their products. Cooking classes, show cooking and gourmet dinners signed by the greatest Italian chefs will liven up the village of Porto Cervo, offering the public a special opportunity to live one of the most beautiful in Sardinia.


The seventh edition of Porto Cervo Food Festival revolves around the theme of longevity: the weekend of June 6 and 7 cooking classes, tastings and gourmet dinners are characterized by typical foods of the Sardinian diet, underlying theme of many appointments. It part on Saturday with the Cooking School and lessons by Maurizio Locatelli and Antonio Vallana, followed tastings of products on display, Live Show Cooking and Cooking Set with DJ Don Pasta: Dj, an economist, a food enthusiast, for New York Times is “one (and in some ways only) of the most inventive food activists” ;at Food Festival will use vinyl and pans together to tell the Sardinia through a multimedia show that combines music and local products. Moreover Street Food with Chef Clelia Bandini that with his new (and elegant) food-truck on the road brings the culinary excellence dell’Ogliastra; at Porto Cervo Food Festival offers some unusual dishes using the products on display. On Sunday Cooking for kids to cooking school with mom and dad (aged 3 to 12 years), laboratory of natural cooking where the chef Stefano Spanu will be joined by an expert nurseryman to explain the importance of using cooking herbs and spices of the territory, a journey through flavors and fragrances that first greet visitors to the Costa Smeralda and that can be used to create gourmet meals. Following Food & Blog with Chiara Maci, the most popular food blogger in Italy, tells his story, his passion for cooking and how to become a successful blogger. You can find all the information on www.portocervofoodfestival.com


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