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Brambù, as you have probably figured out, it is a food truck specialised in Bra sausage, in all its delicacy. However, after our first year, we realized that it was necessary to introduce a vegetarian suggestion in the menu, basically to offer an additional service to an increasingly diverse clientele.

In fact, we happen to meet very often couples where at least one of them is a vegetarian, for different reasons: because they believe that this is a way to respect their own body, because they are against the breeding and the subsequent killing of animals or because they believe that animal welfare is rarely respected. The truth is that we must be prepared to meet the needs of everyone and to do so in the best way possible. We must debunk the myth “A vegetarian eats only vegetables”. This is a short-sighted and ignorant belief, which proves people do not know how variegate a menu that does not include meat can be. Have you ever thought of how many hundreds of dishes can be cooked simply with vegetables, cheese, cereals and legumes?! You would be amazed at how meat is, after all, not essential, if eliminated and replaced by a balanced and varied diet.

These are the reasons why Brambù has decided to create the Miller Potato. The name comes from a strange word pun between me and my partner, from simple nickname becomes the name of our vegetarian suggestion. We decided to create a different sandwich, first of all through the bread used and secondly because of the carefully selected ingredients.
Considering the name, it was necessary to include the potato as an ingredient and this is how we decided that the Miller Potato should be made of craft potato bread, possibly adding sage to the dough. The greatest difficulty was finding a baker who really used potatoes in the dough making, not only the potato flakes, because they are difficult to handle when baking large amounts. They release a lot of water and this leads to difficulties during the baking process. If successful, though, the potato bread has a great aroma and softness. After a trip to Barcelona, where I had the pleasure to taste the best omelette sandwich I have ever eaten in my life at the Boqueria Market, it seemed fair that the vegetarian sandwich of Brambù foresaw the omelette. So we prepare one by one the wild herbs omelettes, giving them a spherical shape, so as to sit snugly in the bread. We have selected exceptional semi-dried tomatoes, produced by the Azienda Mariangela Prunotto of Alba, which give a very characteristic extra touch.
After heating slightly the bread and the frittatina (Italian omelette) that we have prepared in advance, we make the sandwich adding crispy spinach leaves, the frittatina, tomato and organic mayonnaise.

Well if I made your mouth water, come to taste the Miller Potato from the 19th to the 21st August in Pietrasanta, during the Festa del Birrificio del Forte! See you there!


Translated by Marta Pitarch Robles